26 December 2005

Best Of 2005

...in order, alphabetically, not in preference:

Bush Chemists Raw Raw Dub (ROIR)
Clinton Fearon Mi An' Mi Guitar (Boogie Brown)
Jah Cure Freedom Blues (VP)
John Browns Body Pressure Points (Easy Star)
Junior Kelly Rough Life (RAS)
Matisyahu Live At Stubbs (JDub)
Noiseshaper Rough Out There (Rooftop Promotions)
TruMystic Dub Power (TMG)
various Universal Message 3 (VP)
Willi Williams Messenger Man (Blood and Fire)

25 October 2005

PLAYLIST -- October 14, 2005

DJ Atom with guest DJ Merrick
Wailers Band - Higher Field Marshall Dub - PK
Mossman - Quixotic - Dispensation
Tino Corp. - Wicked Insane Evil Dub - Tino Corp.
Upsetters - V/S Panta Rock - Auralux
Aura Lewis - Full Experience - Heartbeat
Carl Bradney - Slipping into Darkness - Blood & Fire
Lee Perry - Lizard Stick - Heartbeat
Sugar Minott - Hard Time Pressure - Black Roots
W. Williams/J. Mittoo - No One Can Stop Us - ?
Lloyd Wilks - Down In Jamaica - Uhuru
Johnny Clarke - Rockers - Attack
Dennis Brown - Black Magic Woman - Trojan
Dub Specialist - Capital Radio Rock - Coxsone
Cedric Brooks - Words of Wisdom - Honest Jons
Alpha Rowen - In Dis World - ?
Willi Williams - No Hiding Place - Blood & Fire
Highvisators - Pusher Dub - Jarring Effects
Junior Murvin - Bad Weed - Trojan
Yabby You - Run Come Rally - Shanachie
Duke Reid Group - Rocking Soul - Heartbeat
Paragons - On the Beach - Heartbeat
Dub Specialist - Banana Walk - Heartbeat
Johnny Clarke - In Praise - Attack
U-Roy - Natty Rebel - Virgin
Soul Syndicate - Riot - Trojan
Willi Williams - Slave - Blood & Fire
3-6 Mafia w/ Young Buck - So Fly - Hollertronix Remix
Tino Corp - The Wolfman is Everywhere - Tino Corp

20 October 2005

absolute beginners

this is a test-drive of the new template, and new home for the web presence of "Reggae Vibrations", originating from WTJU/Charlottesville, at the University of Virginia. since our old address is long-defunct (http://www.reggaetrain.com/reggaevibrations), and consequently, our information to- and response from- listeners has been sadly lacking: we can, and will do better in presenting playlists, information, and local performances focusing on the Word/Sound/Power of reggae music.

reggae... proof positive that you CAN think while your feet just "go".

---Scott "Goldfinger" Shisler