23 April 2010

The System Is A Fraud.

Wall Street faces the Security Exchange Commission on Monday for fraud charges. We'll see if the "mighty" will fall.

"It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter Zion".

We shall see.

"Legalize Collie Herb/Legal Dub" - Black Slate - Rasta Festival [Alligator]

"Sing Jah Stylee" - Johnny Osbourne - Truths And Rights [Studio One]
"Please Be True Version" - Sound Dimension - Version Dread [Heartbeat]

"Natty Champion" - Prince Far I - Sucker Punch [Trojan]
"The Higher The Monkey Climbs" - Justin Hinds & the Dominos - Intensified! [Trojan]
  • "Penny Reel" - Eric "Monty" Morris - Knock Out Ska [Heartbeat]
    "Lost Penny" - The Maytals - Rough Guide To Ska [Rough Guide]
    "The Law" - Andy Capp - 20 Reggae Classics [Trojan]
    "Rico Special" - Rico Rodrigues - Rough Guide To Ska [Rough Guide]

    "The System" - Mutabaruka - Check It! [Shanachie]
    "Stab You Back" - Judah Eskender - The Builder [Tan Yah]
    "We And Them" - Bob Marley & the Wailers - Uprising [Island]
    "Warning, Warning" - Max Romeo - Open The Iron Gate [Blood and Fire]
    "None Shall Escape The Judgment" - Johnny Clarke - Trojan Explosion [MOJO]
    "Tables Gonna Turn" - Clarendonians - Mojo Rock Steady [Heartbeat]
    "Undertaker's Burial" - Crystalites - Trojan Explosion [MOJO]
    "Dollar In The Teeth" - the Upsetters - Trojan Explosion [MOJO]

    "ZUNGGUZUNGGUGUZUNGGUZENG" - Yellowman - The Reggae Box [Mango]
    "Love's Contagious" - Tarrus Riley - Contagious [VP]
    "Really & Truly" - Don Carlos - Changes [Don Carlos]
    "Skylarking" - Horace Andy - Respect To Studio One [Heartbeat]

    "Guns Of Navarrone" - Skatalites - Trojan Originals [Trojan]

    "Sala Mosala" - Staff Benda Bilili - Tres, Tres Fort [Crammed Discs]
    "Guerre Civile" - Alpha Blondy - Yitzhak Rabin [Tuff Gong]
    "Brothers" - Tommy T - The Prester John Sessions [Easy Star]
    "Selassie Bring It On" - Midnite/Youssoupha Sidibe - For All [Sacred Sounds]
    "The Call" - Tommy T - The Prester John Sessions [Easy Star]

    "Stylo" - Gorillaz - MP3
    Mos Def AND Bobby Womack!
    "Your Teeth In My Neck" - Scientist - Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Of The Vampires [MP3]
  • 21 April 2010


    That's the total number of hits recorded on this site, as of 9:30AM (Eastern), this morning. Considering the Toots show, last week, and his hit of the same name, that's a pretty good milestone.

    Thanks for checking in. The Vibe is Alive.

    16 April 2010

    Jamaica's Soul Man: Fred "Toots" Hibbert

    My protégé, the Master Mixer, mentioned that the Maytals had 31 bonafide hits in Jamaica... and, on a good two-hour radio day, you might get to squeeze in 25 songs.

    Impossible to do... perhaps.

    But, two hours of the Maytals is like a labour of love. We have the fund-drive supporters to prove it.

    "Country Roads" {Island} - Toots & the Maytals - Funky Kingston
    "Double Shot" {Trojan} - Beverly's All Stars - Trojan Singles Box Set

    "Reggae Got Soul" {Island} - Reggae Got Soul
    "Never Grow Old" {Heartbeat} - Never Grow Old
    "Six And Seven Books Of Moses" {Heartbeat} - Never Grow Old
    "Someone's Going To Bawl" {Rough Guide} - Rough Guide To Ska
    "Smoke Screen" {Trojan} - Beverley's All Stars - Trojan Singles Box

    "Broadway Jungle" {Rough Guide} - Rough Guide to Reggae
    "54-46 (That Was My Number)" {Trojan} - 20 Reggae Classics
    "Pain In My Belly" MP3
    "Monkey Girl" {Mango} - King Kong Collection
    "It Must Be True Love" {Trojan} - Trojan Lovers Box
    "Three Little Birds" {Island} - Bob Marley & the Wailers - Songs Of Freedom

    "Do The Reggay" {Trojan} - The Trojan Story
    "Funky Kingston" {Island} - Funky Kingston
    "Never You Change" {Island} - Reggae Got Soul
    "Time Tough" {Island} - Funky Kingston [1973]
    "Monkey Man" {Mango} - King Kong Collection
    "Monkey Man" {Chrysalis} - the Specials
    "Busy Bee" - Beverley's All Stars - Trojan Singles Box

    "Never Get Weary" {Mango} - Knock Out
    "Bam Bam" {Mango} - Countryman
    "I've Got Dreams To Remember" {Mango} - Toots In Memphis
    "Catfish John" {Pow Wow} - Fire On The Mountain
    "Just Like That" {Mango} - Just Like That

    15 April 2010

    Toots and the Maytals

    Tomorrow... two hours of Jamaica's Soul Man, Fred "Toots" Hibbert with his Maytals. From the earliest ska to his most recent productions, follow the career of the Man who could have been a contender at STAX.

    Oh, yes... Reggae Got Soul.

    If you love this kind of radio, you can support, worldwide.

    09 April 2010

    Gang Of Four... 2010 Spring Fund-Raiser

    Not reggae, today... but the message is in there.

    Poverty. Unemployment. Societal Collapse.

    It makes music like this come out.

    With a Big, BIG bass sound.

    JUST like reggae.

    "Call Me Up" - Gang Of Four - Songs Of The Free [Warner Bros.]

    "To Hell With Poverty" - Another Day/Another Dollar
    "Paralyzed" - Solid Gold
    "He'd Send In The Army" - Solid Gold
    "I Love A Man In A Uniform" - Songs Of The Free

    "What We All Want" - Another Day/Another Dollar
    "It's Her Factory" - 4-track EP
    "Cheeseburger" - Another Day/Another Dollar

    "Capital (It Fails Us Now)" - Another Day/Another Dollar
    "Not Great Men" - Entertainment!
    "Anthrax" - 4-track EP

    "We Live As We Dream Alone" - Songs Of The Free
    "Natural's Not In It" - Entertainment!
    "Armalite Rifle" - 4-track EP
    "Enemies Like This" - Radio Four - MP3

    "Thank You (Falettin' Me Be Mice Elf Again)" - Magazine - The Correct Use Of Soap [Virgin]
    "Damaged Goods" - Entertainment!
    "Positive Tension" - Bloc Party - MP3
    "House Of Jealous Lovers" - The Rapture - MP3

    "At Home He's A Tourist" - Entertainment!
    "Don't Fix What Ain't Broke" - Mall [WB]

    WTJU Rock & Folk Spring 2010 Fund Drive

    As our fund drive kicks off, today... no Reggae Vibes, this afternoon. INstead, from 2-4PM, I'll be lashing out with two hours of Gang Of Four. Jagged guitar, bare-bones funk bass... and socialism. I'll post the playlist, anyway, and podcast.

    Next week, however... two hours of Toots & the Maytals. Soul Man and Godfather of Reggae.

    You can even pledge, online.

    02 April 2010

    Level Vibes

    "Listen To DJs" - Long Beach Dub All Stars - Wonders Of The World [Skunk Records]
    "Lovely Day" - Beres Hammond - Beres Hammond [VP]
    "Picture On The Wall" - Natural-Ites - Picture On The Wall [CSA]
    "Holy Ground" - The Maytones - Holy Ground: Alvin Ranglin's GG Records [Heartbeat]

    "Love Affair" - Junior Reed - Volcano Eruption [Sonic Sounds]
    "Legalize It (version)" - Peter Tosh - Honorary Citizen [Coumbia]
    "Ganja Farmer" - Marlon Asher - MP3
    "Jah Mi Guiding Star" - Josey Wales - Volcano Eruption [Sonic Sounds]
    "Stalag 17" - Scientist - Dub Massive Chapter Two [Trojan]

    "Airbag" - Easy Star All Stars - Radiodread [Easy Star]
    "Bedward The Flying Preacher" - Prine Far I - Sound Of The Beat [The Beat]
    "Whip Them Jah Jah" - Dennis Brown - Wolves And Leopards [Weed Beat]
    "Jah Mercy" - Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars - Rise And Shine [Cumbancha]
    "Nest Of Vipers" - Dub Funk Association - Roots Of Dub Funk 4 [Tanty]

    "We And Dem" - Bob Marley & the Wailers - Uprising [Island]
    "Us And Them" - Easy Star All Stars - Dub Side Of The Moon [Easy Star]
    "Careless Ethiopians" - Toots & the Maytals - Knock Out [Mango]
    "Earth Rightful Ruler" - Augustus Pablo - Earth Rightful Ruler [Message]
    "Dambusters March" - JJ All Stars - The Dawning of a New Era [MOJO]
    "Skinhead Moonstomp" - Symarip - The Dawning of a New Era

    "Fixing A Hole" - Max Romeo - Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band [Easy Star]
    "Trust Is A Must" - Ian Dury - Lord Upminster [Polydor]
    "Really And Truly" - Don Carlos - Changes [Don Carlos]
    "Skylarking" - Horace Andy - Respect To Studio One [Heartbeat]
    "Stick By Me" - John Holt & the Paragons - Trojan Originals Box Set [Trojan]

    Easy Star All Stars at the Jefferson Theater

    That's tomorrow night, Saturday, April third... at this grand old venue.

    Another Splendid Time Is Guaranteed For All.