28 January 2012

Murphy's Kids, revisited

"Wake The Town" - U-Roy - Treasure Isle Showtime [Heartbeat]
"Mentality" - SOJA - Strength To Survive [SOJA]
"Shake Up the Place" - 10 Ft. Ganja Plant - Shake Up the Place [Roir]
"Ways & Means" - The Green - Ways & Means [Easy Star]
"Strength To Survive" - SOJA - Strength To Survive [SOJA]
"Ordinary Version Chapter 3" - ET & Randys - Rough Guide To Dub [Rough Guide]

Murphy's Kids interview....
"Size It Up" - Murphy's Kids - Anthemic Pandemic [Community Records]
"Dusty Trail" - Murphy's Kids - Anthemic Pandemic [Community Records]
"On Leaving" - Murphy's Kids - Anthemic Pandemic [Community Records]
"Keep A Cool Head" - Desmond Dekker - Rocking Steady [Rhino]

"Hard Times" - Ethiopians - Everything Crash [Studio One]
"Boom Shaka Laka" - Hopeton Lewis - Treasure Isle Showtime [Heartbeat]
"You Don't Care" - the Techniques - Treasure Isle Showtime [Heartbeat]
"Bam Bam" - Sister Nancy - 45 RPM [Techniques]
"Bam Bam" - Toots & the Maytals - Countryman [Mango]
"Rocking To The A-Class Champion" - Johnny Osbourne - A Fashion Statement [Fashion]

"Valley Of Jehosophat" - Augustus Pablo - Valley Of Jehosophat [RAS]
"Bass Culture" - Linton Kwesi Johnson - Independant Intravenshan [Island]
"Ship Is Sailing" - Jimmy Cliff - Sacred Fire [Collective Sounds]
"Rudy Got Soul" - Desmond Dekker - Reggae: The Golden Era [Trojan]
"Bring It On" - Soulettes - 45RPM [Jackpot]
"Rock Steady" - Alton Ellis & the Flames - Treasure Isle Showtime [Heartbeat]
"Moving Away" - Ken Boothe - A Man & His Music [Studio One]
"Jolly Bus Thing" - Errol Scorcher - Rasta Fire [Prince Jammys]

23 January 2012

Rizla's Mix....

Rizla's Mix, 20 Jan 2012

"Christopher Colombus" - Burning Spear
"Jah Rastafari" - Culture
"So Far Away" - Israel Vibrations
"Liberattion" - Bunny Wailer
"Roller Skates" - Steel Pulse
"To Be Poor Is a Crime" - Freddy Mcgregor
"Iron Shirt" - Max Romeo
"Behold here I come" - Culture
"Here in Jamaica" - Bunny Wailer
"Cool and Deadly" - Bunny Wailer
"Solidarity" - Black Uhuru
"Wings of a Dove" - Culture
"Jah give us Life" - Wailing Souls
"West Livity" - Misty in Roots
"Wanderer" - Misty in Roots
"Road to Zion" - Damian Marley ft. Naz
"Baby I love you" - Carl Dawkins
"People's Court" - Mutabaruka
"Too Experienced" - Barrington Levy
"Church Heathen" - Shaggy
"Murder she Wrote" - Chaka Demus and Pliers
"Hot This Year" - Dirtsman
"Ring the Alarm" - Tenor Saw
"Satta Massagana" - Absynians
"Jah Blessings" - Glen Washington
"One Blood" - Junior Reid
"World News" - Lord Laro
"Shark Attack" - Wailing Souls
"Woman Rules" - Lord Laro
"Revolution" - Culture
"Run Come Love Me" - Jah Cure Ft. Jah Mason
"Sticky" - Jah Cure
"Gideon Boot" - Richie Spice
"Earth a Run Red" - Richie Spice
"Jah Bless Me" - Jah Cure
"Righteous Youths" - Richie Spice
"Cool Down The Pace" - Gregory Isaacs
"Young Girl" - Don Carlos
"Too Young" - Dennis Brown
"Suzy Wong" - Jacob Miller
"Sunny Day" - Jah Cure
"Declaration of Rights" - Absynians
"One Love" - Bob Marley
"Three Little Birds" - Bob Marley
"Waiting in Vain" - Bob Marley
"Persistance" - Norris Man
"Always be True to You" - Sanchez
"Alli Alli Ho" - Mickey Spice
"Times Like These" - Queen Ifrica
"Down by The River" - Morgan Heritage
"Always on my Mind" - Daville Ft. Sean Paul
"Ganja Farmer" - George Dekker
"Lift up Your Head" - Everton Blender
"Punch Line" - Luciano
"Lucky You" - Nanko
"Kingly Character" - Garnet Silk

20 January 2012

A Sad Day for Jamaican Music

R.I.P., Winston Riley, who succumbed to violence at the age of 65. The mean streets of Kingston are still untamed.

This has inspired me to create a upcoming Rock Marathon Fund-Raiser program on the impact of Orange Street in Kingston in its importance in rocksteady and reggae music. Details to come.

13 January 2012

Tropical Therapy for Roller-Coaster Climates

"Fire Corner" - King Stitt - Tighten Up Vol 1 & 2 [Trojan]
"More Soul" - Cedric 'im Brooks - Studio One Rockers [Soul Jazz]

"Taller Than You Are" - Lord Tanamo - 45RPM [SEP]
"Skinhead A Bash Them" - Claudetter & the Corporation - Trojan Skinhead Reggae Box [Trojan]
"Bad Mind Grudgeful" - Winston & Robin - 45RPM [Studio One]
"Shame" - Robert Marcey & Familyman Barrett - Wailin' for Justice [Dread-I]
"Hard Times" - the Ethiopians - Everything Crash [Studio One]
"Waxie Maxie" - Roland Alphonso & Caribjammer - 45RPM [Studio One]

"Ship Is Sailing" - Jimmy Cliff - Sacred Fire [Collective Sounds]
"Temperatures's Rising" - Roots Nation - Temperatures's Rising [Rare Roots]
"Exalt The Crown" - Midnite - Kings Bell [Andrew Bassie Records]
"Always Eternal" - Robert Marcey & Familyman Barrett - Wailin' for Justice [Dread-I]
"Mind Yourself" - Don Carlos - Dub Vision: Counter Attack!. [Dub Vision]
"Carry That Weight" - Yellow Dubmarine - Abbey Dub [Red General Catalog]

"Dr. Ring-A-Ding" - Skatalites - Intensified! Vol 2 [Mango]
"Emergency Call" - Judy Mowatt - 45RPM [Trojan]
"My Number One" - Gregory Isaacs - Willow Tree [Jamaica Gold]

"Get It" - Soul Vendors - Musical Fever [Studio One]
"More Wine" - Kingstonians - 45RPM [JJ's]
"Rudy Got Soul" - Desmond Dekker - This Is Reggae Music [Trojan]
"Walk The Proud Land" - Bunny Wailer - ...Sings The Wailers [Mango]
"Locust" - the Ethiopians - Everything Crash [Studio One]
"Ram Jam" - Jackie & the Soul Vendors - Musical Fever [Studio One]

"A Man Is King" - Mike Brooks - 45RPM [Vista]
"Solid As A Rock" - Twinkle Brothers - Free Africa [Caroline]
"You're Wondering Now" - Andy & Joey - 45RPM [R&B]

07 January 2012

Ship Is Sailing

The 2012 Ship Is Sailing

My favorite song of 2011 turned out to be one I hadn't heard, before. Jimmy Cliff stands strong. A rocksteady song of optimism is just what the doctor ordered.
Good, also, to hear that Casper Lomayesva continues the Word-Sound-Power from Hopi-land.

The bar has been raised for the New Year.

"Get On Up"
- the Creations - Get On Up! Joe Gibbs Rock Steady [Trojan]
"Crawling From The Roots" - Earlyworm - MP3 [Dubmatix]
"Ship Is Sailing" - Jimmy Cliff - Sacred Fire [Collective Sounds]
"My Roots" - 10 FT Ganja Plant - Shake Up The Place [ROIR]
"Keep On" - The Green - Ways & Means [Easy Star]
"Meme Si" - Sergeant Garcia - Una Y Otra Vez [Cumbancha]
"79 Rock" - the Revolutionaries - Babylon Central [ESL]

"Africa" - Salif Keita - 12" Single [Mango]
"Afrique" - Sistah Mam [DOM]
"Imidiwan Ma Tenam" - Tinariwen - Tassili [ANTI-]
"Janjaweed" - Taj Weekes - A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen [Jatta]
"Galdino" - Indigenous Resistance - MP3

"Monkey Man" - Toots & the Maytals - Mango Greats [Mango]
"Beautiful Woman" - Toots & the Maytals - Knock Out [Mango]
"Wash Wash" - Prince Buster - FABulous Greatest Hits [Sequel]
"Life In Living Colors" - Prince Buster - 45RPM [Voice Of The People]
"Tear Up" - Skatalites - 45RPM [Studio One]

"Honor The People" - Casper Loma-Da-Wa - Honor The People [Third Mesa]
"Letter From The End Of The Twentieth Century" - Joy Harjo and Peotic Justice - Letter From The End Of The Twentieth Century [Silver Wave]
"King Without A Crown" - Matisyahu - CD sngle [Epic]
"It Hurts To Be Alone" - Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings - CD single [Daptone]
"Get My Bruce Lee On" - Illuminati Congo - All Eye See [Nyabanga]
"Triangle Version" - Skatalites - 45RPM [Deep Groove]

02 January 2012

Adios, 2011.

The MasterMixer Closes The Door On 2011

"Bongo Nyah" {Matador} - Little Roy - Lloyd Daley's Matador Production
"Sound Of The Wise" {Matador} - Uroy - Lloyd Daley's Matador Production
"Come On Little Girl" {Matador} - Uroy - Lloyd Daley;s Matador Production
"Love You With All oFMy Heart" {VP} - Glen Washington - Glen And Friends
"Graduation" {VP} - Dennis Brown - Glen And Friends
"Crazy About These Things" {VP} - Ian Sweetness - Glen And Friends
"Just My Imagination" {VP} - Jimmy London - A Little Love
"New World Somewhere" {VP} - Jimmy London - A Little Love
"No Peace For The Wicked" {TELARC} - Corey Harris - Zion Crossroads
"Walter Rodney" {TELARC} - Corey Harris - Zion Crossroads
"Your World And Mine" {VP} - Luciano - Where There Is Life
"We Are All In This Thing Together" {VP} - Luciano - Where There Is Life
"I'm Ready" {Brick Wall} - Trevor Sparks - Romantic Reggae vol 2
"Body Is Here With Me" {Brick Wall} - Leroy Smart - Romantic Reggae vol 2
"Missing You" {Brick Wall} - Sanchez - Romantic Reggae vol 2
"Never Leave Me Lonely" {Greensleeves} - Michael Prophet - Gunman
"Here Comes The Bride" {Greensleeves} - Michael Prophet - Gunman
"A Little Love" {VP} - Jimmy London - A Little Love
"One Glance" {VP} - Glen Washington - Glen And Friends
"Time To Rise" {VP} - Donna V - Glen And Friends
"Love The One You Are With" {VP} - Francis Redd - Glen And Friends
"Peac Love And Harmony" {Shanachie} - Culture - Nuff Crisis
"Happy Heart" {VP} - Etana - Reggae Gold 2005
"Gunman" {Greensleeves} - Michael Prophet - Gunman
"Gunman ( 12 in Mix }" {Greensleeves} - Michael Prophet - Gunman
"They Gonna Talk" {VP} - Beres Hammond - Sweet Singers vol 3
"Just Be Good To Me" {VP} - Half Pint - Sweet Singers vol 3