29 January 2010


After the celebrities have gone, the struggle for survival goes on in Haiti. Now is not the time to forget, once the cameras focus elsewhere, on the next attention-grabbing catastrophe. Giving aid to those in need is what humans do. One day, that person in need may be you.

The Caribbean is a volatile region... socially, politically, geologically. Port-au-Prince. Montserrat in 1995. Martinique in 1906. The den of iniquity, Port Royal, in 1692... when the sea swallowed "the Most Evil Place In The World".

Evil or benign... plate tectonics is indiscriminate.

We are our "brother's" keepers, when all is lost.

"Magnificent Seven" - the Clash - Sandinista! [Epic]
"S-90 Skank" - Big Youth - Ride Like Lightning [Trojan]
"Dub Creation" - Burning Spear - Living Dub Vol 3 [Heartbeat]

"Two Sevens Clash" - Culture - Two Sevens Clash [Joe Gibbs] (vinyl)
"Riot" - Wyclef Jean - Carnival II: Memoirs Of An Immigrant w/ Serge Tankian & Sizzla
"Elements" - Black Uhuru - Anthem [Island] (vinyl)
"Hard Times" - Duane Stephenson - Joyful Noise [I Grade]
"Freedom Transmission" - Mossman - Mossman VS. the World Bank [Dispensation]

"Eve Of Destruction" - Luciano - Reggae Pulse 5 [Trojan]
"Judgement In Measurement" - MIdnite I-Grade - Joyful Noise [I Grade]
"Joker Smoker" - Ziggi - MP3
"Rumors" - Gregory Isaacs - Tougher Than Tough [Mango]
"Pirate's Anthem" - Cocoa Tea - MP3
w/ Home T & Shabba Ranks
"Conquering Lion" - Yabby You - One Love, One Heart [Shanachie]
"Lightning Flash, Weak Heart Drop" - Big Youth - Beyond The Front Line [Caroline]
"Smart Dub" - Burning Spear - Living Dub Vol 3 [Heartbeat]

"International Year Of The Child" - Ras Michael - Rally Round [Shanachie]
"Once We Were Slaves" - "Sleepy" Cole/David Gould - Feast Of The Passover [Tzadik]
"Ganja Farmer" - Marlon Asher - MP3
"I Sight" - Tarrus Riley - Contagious [VP]
"Thunder And Lightning Dub" - Scientist - MP3
"Ramble" - Rico - Countryman [Mango]

"Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" - Alton & Hortense Ellis - Alton & Hortense Ellis [Heartbeat]
"Shirley" - Larry Marshall - I Admire You [Heartbeat]
"Homely Girl" - Jackie Robinson - Trojan Originals Box Set [Trojan]
"Long Story" - Rudy Mills - Riding The Musical Chariot [Heartbeat]
"Long Story" - Lynn Taitt & The Jets - Hold Me Tight [Trojan]

"The Call" - The Prester John Sessions - Tommy T [Easy Star]
"Time Has Come" - Slim Smith - This Is Reggae Music: The Golden Era [Trojan]

22 January 2010

Welcome to the United Corporate States of America

The US Supreme Court decided that corporations, dubiously allowed "personhood" nearly one hundred years ago, can now spend unlimited billions of their profits to contribute to political campaigns.

Ah, Freedom. That's why people used to come to America.

When Presidents and the rest of Congress are placed by their Corporate masters, that concept is "out" the proverbial "window". It's the return of the Robber Barons.

Corrupt banking. Bat-Shit crazy political nominees. Insurance companies that write their own legislation. A Party of NO. Another party of airheads.

"Only The Fittest Of The Fittest Shall Survive":

That would be the people that have to work for their daily bread.

"Happy Reggae" - Prince Buster - The Outlaw [Prince Buster]
"Sounds And Pressure" - Hopeton Lewis - Roots Of Reggae:Rock Steady [Rhino]

"Justice To The People" - the Upsetters - This Is Reggae Music: The Golden Era [Trojan]
"Poor Man" - Henry Turner Jr and Flavor - Hit City
"Slave Master" - Gregory Isaacs - Mr. Isaacs [Blood and Fire]
"Rock And A Hard Place" - Pinchers/Dubmatix - Reber Rocker [Dubmatix]
"Why Oh Why" - Ernest Wilson - When Rhythm Was King [Heartbeat]
"(Version)" - Ernest Wilson - Version Dread [Heartbeat]

"The Heathen" - Bob Marley & the Wailers - Exodus [Island]
"Human Nature" - Tarrus Riley - Contagious [VP]
"Creatures Of The Night" - Bushman - Most Wanted [Greensleeves]
"The Warlock" - Desmond Dekker - Rockin' Steady [Rhino]
"Dance Of The Vampires" - Scientist - Scientist Rids The World Of The Curse Of The Evil Vampires [MP3]

"Babylon Walls" - Corey Harris - Blu.Black [Telarc]
"Knockin' On Heaven's Door" - Arthur Lewis - This Is Reggae Music [Mango (1975)]
"Top Rankin'" - Bob Marley & the Wailers - Survival [Island]
"Every Man Ought To Know" - Max Romeo - Open The Iron Gate [Blood and Fire]
"He Who Laughs Last" - the Clarendonians - Best of... [Studio One (vinyl)]
"Fu Manchu" - Desmond Dekker - Rockin' Steady [Rhino]

"International Farmer" - Peter Broggs - Rastafari Liveth [RAS]
"Jah Glory" - Third World - Mango Greats [Mango]
"King Of Kings" - Ras Michael - Zion Train [SST]
"None Shall Escape The Judgment" - Johnny Clark - Trojan Explosion [MOJO]
"Everything Crash" - the Ethiopians - This Is Reggae Music: The Golden Era [Trojan]
"We've Got Love" - Freddie McGregor - Zion Chant [Heartbeat]

In Heaven... Vivian Jackson, aka Yabby You:

"Deliver Me From My Enemies" - Yabby You - One Love One Heart [Shanachie]
"Sat Up In The Gully" - Yabby You - Fleeing From The City [Shanachie]
"One Love One Heart" - Yabby You - One Love One Heart [Shanachie]

15 January 2010

Ride The Lion to Zion... with DJ Dave (Fri 8th)

"Get Ready to Ride the Lion to Zion" - Culture - Two Sevens Clash
"Sound and Pressure" - Hopeton Lewis - Take it Easy

"People Funny Boy" - Lee "Scratch" Perry
"Small Axe" - Bob Marley and the Wailers
"Back Biter" - Lee "Scratch" Perry and Dennis Alcapone - I am the Upsetter
"Shocks 71" - Lee "Scratch" Perry feat. Charlie Ace and Dave Barker
"Three in One" - Lee "Scratch" Perry and the Heptones - Ape-ology
"Station Underground News" - Lee "Scratch" Perry

"Sweet Feelings" - Love Joys - Reggae Vibes
"First Cut is the Deepest" - Norma Fraser
"Dreamland" - Marcia Griffiths - Naturally
"Jah Light" - Love Joys - Reggae Vibes
"True Confession" - Little John - George Phang: Power House Selector V. 2
"Rudie Say Him Bad" - Wailing Souls - Wailing
"Babylon System" - Bob Marley - Survival
"Jah Rastafari" - Culture - International Herb
"Blood and Fire" - Niney the Observer
"Dubbin & Wailin" - Velvet Shadows - Trojan Dub Box Set

"Murder She Wrote" - Chaka Demus and Pliers
"Lean With It" - Mr. Vegas
"Can't Stop Now" - Major Lazer feat. Mr. Vegas and Jovi Rockwell
"Watcha Gonna Do" - Peter Tosh - Legalize It
"Got to be a Soldier" - 10 ft. Ganja Plant - Bush Rock
"Sweet Jamaica" - Luciano - Love is my Navigator

"Bedroom Mazurka Version" - Augustus Pablo
"Just Another Girl" - Ken Boothe
"Much Smarter" - The Meditations
"Book of Rules" - The Heptones
"Lonely Girl" - Gregory Isaacs - Soon Forward
"Pride and Joy Rock" - Big Youth - Screaming Target

"Rocking Time" - Burning Spear - Creation Rebel
>"Fire Down Below" - Burning Spear
"Creation Rebel" - Burning Spear
"I W.I.N." - Burning Spear - Dry and Heavy
"Resting Place" - Burning Spear - Marcus Garvey

01 January 2010


This date looks like computer binary code. Let's hope the times ahead are more humane.

A luta continua.

"Sounds And Pressure" - Hopeton Lewis - Roots Of Reggae [Rhino]
"Memories By The Score" - John Holt - Trojan Lovers Box Set [Trojan]

"Under Mi Sleng Teng" - Wayne Smith - Tougher Than Tough [Mango]
"Pumpkin Belly" - Tenor Saw - Hey, Punk... Get Riddim! [Victory World]
"Is This Love?" - Bob Marley/Dubmatix - Kaya Re-Versioned [DUBMATIX]
"Until We Burn In The Sun" - Bedouin Soundclash
"Machete Strike" - 10 Foot Ganja Plant - Bush Rock [ROIR]

We acknowledge the passing over, and musical gifts of David Isaacs, member of the Itals vocal threesome:

"In A Dis Yah Time" - Itals - In A Dis Yah Time [VP]
"Walk With Jah" - Culture - Trust Me [RAS]
"Peace Be Unto Thee" - Bad Brains - Build A Nation [Oscillo-scope]
"As-Salaam Alaikum" - Monsoon [MP3]
"Sufferer" - The Tennors - Rock Steady Classics [Nighthawk]
"Soon Come" - 10 Foot Ganja Plant - Bush Rock [ROIR]

Hey, fellow Americans... here's how you can give the finger to the "Banks Too Big To Fail":
Transfer your accounts to a local bank, where the staff is more approachable, the benefits go to your community, and the corruption is easier to spot.

Since the strategy seems to be bleeding the middle class dry, just cut off the source.


- the Clash - Black Market Clash-10" [Epic]

"Bonnie & Clyde" - Papa Levi - 12" [Island]
"Double Barrel" - Dave & Ansel - Tougher Than Tough [Mango]
"Call The Hearse" - Bushman - Most Wanted [Greensleeves]
"Gun The Man Down" - Prince Buster - The Outlaw
"The Baddest" - Prince Buster - The Outlaw

"Ramble" - Rico Rodriguez - Countryman [Mango]

"Lifers" - Tommy T/Eugene Hutz - The Prester John Sessions [Easy Star]
"Make A Move" - Black Seeds - Solid Ground [Easy Star]
"The Gold" - Dubmatix./John Brown's Body - Re-Amplify [Easy Star]
"Fixing A Hole" - Max Romeo - Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band [Easy Star]

"Stick By Me" - John Holt - Trojan Originals Box Set [Trojan]
"Joy In The Morning" - Gaylads - Hold Me Tight [Trojan]
"Long Story" - Lynn Taitt & The Jets - Hold Me Tight [Trojan]
"Float On" - Derrick Harriott - Reggae Chartbusters, Seventies Style [Crystal (LP)]