31 July 2009

Art Of The Reggae Album

Today marks my return after three weeks of accommodating my alternate's schedules... and I'm glad to get back in the saddle.

In the meantime, before the playlist and podcasts appear, I'd like to share an amazing pair of websites that celebrate the Art of the Reggae LP, both of which were revealed when digging around the cybersphere to learn more about the legendary dub pioneer, Scientist. Exhaustive research and an obvious appreciation of roots music and culture can be found at:

42 Reggae Album Cover Designs: The Art & Culture of Jamaica


I Am The Gorgon!

As my history with reggae began with vinyl, in fact, my love of music, also... there is no substitute for a 12" square piece of artwork. And, as you will see, the visuals on reggae LPs are at once dramatic, soulful, sometimes cheesy, at times outlandishly cartoony, vaguely ominous, and completely distinctive... and, almost always disguising the power hiding in the grooves, inside.

Not the least is the creative expression of the artists: unaided my computer enhancements or clip art, this is human, media and imagination at its most earthy and compelling.

'nuff niceness.

11 July 2009

DJ Dave... Come FORWARD!

"Death in the Arena" - Soul Vendors - Downbeat the Ruler
"Oh Mr. D.C." - Sugar Minott - Tighten up Vol 5
"Y Mas Gan" - The Abyssinians - Satta Massagana
"Roots Train" - Junior Murvin and Dillinger
"Sufferer's Heights" - Junior Dread
"Love Again" - Jackie and the Invaders
"Sufferer's Dub" - The Upsetters
"Take me Home Country Roads" - Toots and the Maytals
"Can't Enter Zion with Your Big Checkbook!" - Niney
"Mr. Brown" - Bob Marley
"Downpressor Man" - Peter Tosh
"Armagideon Time" - Dr. Israel
"Flash Gordon Meets Luke Skywalker" - Scientist and the Roots Radics
"One Two Order" - Tarrus Riley - Parables
"Ark of the Covenant" - Corey Harris - Zion Crossroads
"Rastaman Chant" - Ras Michel and the Sons of Negus
"Return of the Scorcher" - Sound Dimension
"Armagideon Time" - Willie Williams
"Armagideon Time" - The Clash
"Federated Backdrop" - Sound Dimension
"Can't Come In" - The Congos - Heart of the Congos
"Man in the Hills" - Burning Spear
"Family" - Tarrus Riley
"Armagideon Time" - Dave Grant
"Set up Yourself Dreadlocks" - Jah Stitch
"Solomon a Gunday" - Big Youth
"Good Memories" - Prince Jazzbo
"The Answer" - Lone Ranger
"Ali Baba" - John Holt
"I Killed the Barber" - Dr. Alimantado
"Barber Feel It" - Dr. Alimantado
"Liquidator" - Harry J All Stars

03 July 2009


...is useless without Inter-Dependence. e pluribus unum, y'all.

A special Shout Out to the Morally Superior, commencing with "Hipocrite"(sp). The bigger they come, the harder they fall... eh, South Carolina? Arizona? DC? Alaska?

"S-90 Skank" - BIg Youth - Tougher Than Tough [Mango]
"Forward March" - Derrick Morgan - I Am The Ruler [Trojan]
"Intensified" - Desmond Dekker - Israelites [TKO]

"Know Your Rights" - the Clash - Combat Rock [Epic]
"Message From A Black Man" - Heptones - Studio One Soul [Soul Jazz]
"The Village" - Gregory Isaacs - Reggae Legends III [Rohit]
"Enforcement" - Vin Gordon - Jamaica's Independence 30th. Anniversary [Striker Lee]
"Split Second" - Vin Gordon - Jamaica's Independence 30th. Anniversary [Striker Lee]

"Hipocrite" - Bunny Wailer - ...Sings The Wailers [Mango]
"Money Move" - Barrington Levy - Broader Than Broadway [One Time]
"Shame And Scandal" - Dr. Ring Ding & The Senior All Stars - Ska Island [Island]
"Half Idiot" - Marcia Griffiths/Cutty Ranks - Watch How You Flex! [Shanachie]
"The Gold" - Dubmatix/John Browns Body - Re-Amplify [Easy Star]
"Time Of The Season" - Scofflaws - Record Of Convictions [MOONSka]

"Zion City" - Laurel Aitken - The Blue Beat Years [MOONSka]
"Welcome To Montego Bay" - Queen Ifrica - Montego Bay [VP]
"Take Me To Jamaica" - Ziggy Marley/Toots HIbbert - Family Time [Tuff Gong]
"Take Me Back To Jamaica" - Jolly Boys - Sunshine 'N Water [RYKO]
"High Tide Or Low Tide" - Bob Marley & The Wailers - B Is For Bob [Tuff Gong]
"Java Plus" - Augustus Pablo - The Message [Prince Buster]
...also arranged and produced by Prince Buster

"Reincarnate" - Ras Tesfa McDonald

"Reflections of Don D" - Johnny "Dizzy" Moore

"Fixing A Hole" - Max Romeo - Easy Star's LOnely Hearts Dub Band [Easy Star]
"Don't Let Me Down" - Marcia Griffiths
"Mad, Mad" - Alton Ellis - When Rhythm Was King [Heartbeat]
"Joy In the Morning" - The Gaylads - Hold Me Tight [Trojan/Sanctuary]

"Hold Them" - Roy Shirley - Hold Me Tight [Trojan/Sanctuary]
"Give Yourself Over" - Goldilocks - Re-Amplify [Easy Star]