25 August 2008

We Remember New Orleans

All this week (Monday, Aug 25th, to Sunday the 31st), regular programming at WTJU/Charlottesville is showing its support of our soul-sister city New Orleans, Louisiana, as we approach the third horrible anniversary of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina and the politics, past-and-present, that leave her wounded and vulnerable to this day.

"Reggae Vibrations" is part of this, too. nearly every history of reggae music mentions the influence of mythical jazz transmissions from New Orleans reaching the radios of Jamaica, and helping to influence the rise of ska.

We'll explore that... and how Duke Reid's relationship with Fats Domino may have set the foundation for rock steady. we won't forget the link between Bob Marley and the music of Beau Jocque, Terence Simien, and other zydeco stars, either.

They Built That City On Jazz and Soul...

...and we know what it means to miss New Orleans.

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