13 March 2009

enter the Master Mixer, 13 March

after a prolonged absence, it's the "Master Mixer's" shot at today's session of "Reggae Vibrations".
it seems like everybody's got to hustle and shuffle to keep their personal acts together... myself included.

thanks to the inefficiencies of college radio (and our announcers), last week's recording was unwittingly sabotaged by sloppy board practices, resulting in lots of "blank" spots in the broadcast. but, on this snowy Virginia "day off", i'll be piecing it back together... because this is one show even I'd like to hear, again.

Not Only was the influence of Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions crucial in the foundation of the music of the early Wailers (and others), but the rootsy covers by Jamaica's finest attest to the power and mastery of the originals. that give-and-take is even more interesting when you find that Mr. Mayfield produced an early ska compilation, back in the 60s, entitled The Real Jamaica Ska (epic/Legacy, EK-52724).

That circle was unbroken.

stay tuned.

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