14 May 2009

Of Local Interest

Sunday, May 17th, James Madison's Montpelier estate will be presenting "A Freedman's Farm Tour And Confederate Winter Camp Site Walking Tour" opposite the grounds on Rt. 20, west of Orange, VA.

Taken from the Montpelier guide pamphlet, "Tour The Gilmore Farm, home of George Gilmore, born a slave at Montpelier. Then take a walking tour of the 1863-64 Confederate winter encampment site." 540-672-2728, ex 442

As written in a brochure for the Farm, "The Gilmore Cabin stands as the first preserved and interpreted freedman's home in the United States." Amongst many historic ironies, including how the Father of the Constitution was bound by contemporary economics in the ownership of slaves, is the fact that the original cabin was built from lumber salvaged from the aforementioned Confederate encampment.
A fitting tribute to enonomy... and survival.

And, standing proud across the road from such opulence, we are truly reminded that "he who does not learn from history is bound to repeat it." Or, as Marcus Garvey said, "A man without a knowledge of his history is like a tree without roots."

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