18 September 2009

To Whom Respec' Is Due, Respec' It Must Go T'roo

It has been my great fortune to have witnessed some excellent reggae radio, here on the east coast.

A prerequisite to spending many years in the DC area was having access to excellent broadcasts, of which WPFW Radio was instrumental. In that time, this radio station representing Howard University was host to two icons of reggae radio: Papa Wabe, who presented "Shock Waves", which not only forwarded conscious reggae, but instructed with the "Rastafari Voices" segment... and Sydney White, whose weekend show exposed a young roots-rock lover to the bedrock of rock steady.

Though other influences are legion, these performers and Selectors helped define my inspiration and appreciation with Forwarding reggae music.

And, with respect, I begin today's program with "Natural Progressions", Mr. White's sign-on theme:

"Natural Progression" - Aswad - New Chapter [CBS]
"Natural Aggression" - Aswad - New Chapter Of Dub [Mango]

"Natural Mystic" - Bob Marley & the Wailers - Countryman soundtrack [Mango]
"We Rock It" - Noiseshaper - CD single [Cat N' Roof Records]
"Music My Rock" - Bedouin Soundclash - MP3
"Run The Plan" - Groundation - Here I Am [Groundation Music]
  • "Dance Of The Vampires" - Scientist - ...Rids The World Of The Curse Of The Evil Vampires [Greensleeves]

  • "Your Teeth In My Neck" - Scientist - ...Rids The World Of The Curse Of The Evil Vampires [Greensleeves]

    "Party Time" - Heptones - Best Of Studio One [Heartbeat]
    "Fist To Fist" - Lone Ranger - Collection [DGV]
    "Conquering Heart Dub" - Blue King Brown/Chris Macro - ReAmplify [Easy Star]
    "Johnny Was" - Bob Marley & the Wailers - Songs Of Freedom [Island]
    "Since I Throw The Comb Away" - Twinkle Bros - Since I Throw The Comb Away [Sunsplash Records]
    "Struggling" - John Brown's Body - ReAmplify [Easy Star]
    "Machete Strike" - Ten Foot Ganja Plant - Bush Rock [ROIR]
    "Mystic Man" - Peter Tosh - Honorary Citizen [Columbia]
    "National Herb" - Lone Ranger - Collection

    >"Ramble" - Rico Rodrigues - Countryman [Mango]
    "Dos Lenos" - The Toyes - Viva La Rasta [Aztlan]
    "Besame" - Pericos - Yerbabuena [EMI]
    "Quem Aviso" - Djambi - Keep This Feeling

  • "Big Shot" - Noiseshaper - CD-EP

  • "Crystal Blue Persuasion" - Heptones - Deep In The Roots [Heartbeat]
    "White Man In Hammersmith Palais" - The Clash - Clash On Broadway [EPIC]

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