04 December 2009

For the Scrooges of Wall Street... Some Marley's Ghost.

I'm sure plenty of people are jaded about Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", in its literary and film versions... but, in cruel times like these, the message still cuts to the quick: the self-absorbed "Priviledged", focused only on the dope of personal gain, trod their paths on the sacrifice of others. If you wanted to push the thematic envelope a little further, "Tiny Tim" is a perfect allegory for Health Care.

That speculation aside... the part about The Guilty's visitation by ghosts, overnight, is appealingly just.

Jacob... or Bob Marley... think about it, CEOs.

"Ramble" - Rico Rodrigues - Countryman [Mango]
"Three O'Clock Road Block" - Bob Marley & the Wailers - Countryman
"Wake Up And Live" - Bob Marley & the Wailers - Survival [Island]
"Crazy World" - Lucky Dube - Retrospective [RYKO]
"Wicked Man" - Ben Harper - Reggae Sampler [Virgin]
"The Call" - Tommy T - the Prester John Sessions [Easy Star]
"African Roots" - King Tubby - Dub From The Roots [Moll-Selekta]

"I'm Worried" - Culture - Culture At Work [Shanachie]
"Living The Life Of A Gun" - Tarrus Riley - Contagious [VP]
"Poor Man" - Henry Turner & Flavor - Facing The Millenium [Hit City]
"King Son" - the African Brothers - Want Some Freedom [Easy Star]
"Oil In My Lamp" - The Ska Kings - Roots Of Reggae: Ska [Rhino]
"Lead Us Dub" - African Bros. - Want Some Freedom [Easy Star]

"Grow Your Natty" - Bushman - Most Wanted [Greensleeves]
"Industrial Spy" - Mikey Dread - Best Sellers [RYKO]
  • "Jah Is Mighty" - Leonard Dillon/David Gould - Feast Of The Passover [Adonai]

  • "Machete Strike" - Ten Foot Ganja Plant - Bush Rock [I-Town]

    "East-West Express" - Tommy T - the Prester John Sessions [Easy Star]
    "Love Is A Radiation" - The Black Seeds - Solid Ground [Easy Star]
    "Jah Love" - Bad Brains - Build A Nation [Oscill-O-Scope]
    "Oromo Dub" - Tommy T - the Prester John Sessions [Easy Star]

    "I Am The Upsetter Version" - Lynn Taitt & the Jets - Hold Me Tight [Trojan]

    "All I Want For Christmas" - Jacob MIller - Natty Christmas [RAS]
    "This World Makes Me Wonder" - Delroy Wilson - Once Upon A Time [Heartbeat]
    "Silent River Runs Deep" - Judy Mowatt - Rocksteady: The Roots Of Reggae [Moll-Selekta]
    "Talking Love" - the Paragons - Hold Me Tight [Trojan]
    "Winsome" - Half Pint - Half Pint Classics [Hightone]
    "Winsome Version" - Half Pint - Half Pint Classics In Dub [Hightone]
    "HIgh Tide Or Low Tide" - Bob Marley & the Wailers - Catch A Fire [Island]
    "Moving Away" - Ken Boothe - A Man And His Hits [Studio One]


    vagabondshoeswtju said...

    Lewis Carroll's "Christmas Carol"? Is there some pun/joke here that I'm missing, or did you just think you were writing Charles Dickens and it somehow came out different through the looking glass?

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