09 March 2010

DJ Dave

(While I was off exhibiting my artwork in a Fredericksburg, VA., gallery, DJ Dave forwards the Roots and Culture).

"Get Ready to Ride the Lion to Zion" - Culture - 2 7's Clash
"Sound and Pressure" - Hopeton Lewis - Take it Easy
"Ali Baba" - John Holt - Tighten Up, Vol 2
"Baby Why" - The Cables - Best of Studio One
"All Gone" - Trinity - Well Charged
"Death in the Arena" - Soul Vendors - Downbeat the Ruler

"I'll Go Through" - Israel Vibrations - Sounds and Pressure Vol 2
"Roots Train Number One" - Junior Murvin
"Mr. Funny" - Prince Jazzbo - Mr. Funny
"Freedom Street" - Ken Boothe
"Thriller" - Don D Junior
"Johnny was a Baker" - Dr. Alimantado - Best Dressed Chicken in Town
"Tripe Girl" - The Heptones - Sweet Talking

  • "Sufferer's Heights" - Junior Dread
    "Love Comes and Goes" - The Abyssinians - Life Goes in Circles
    "Love Comes and Goes Version" - Bongo Herman - Life Goes in Circles
    "Sound Education" - I Roy - Don't Check me with no Lightweight Stuff!
    "Shepherd Rod" - The Upsetter

    "Marcus Children Suffer" - Burning Spear - Social Living
    "Downpressor Man" - Peter Tosh
    "Who Have Eyes to See" - Prince Fari and Mike Brooks
    "The Right Way" - Prince Fari and the Arabs
    "Throw Me Corn" - Larry Marshall
    "Fisherman" - The Congos - Heart of the Congos
    "Pirate Days" - Culture - 2 7's Clash
    "Slipping Into Darkness" - Carl Bradney - Darker than Blue
    "Keep Cool Babylon" - Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus - Nyahbinghi
    "Liquidator" - Harry J All-stars

    "The Enemies" - Pinchers - 2 Bad Riddims [1996]
    "Clean Race" - Scotty
    "Brand New Second Hand" - Peter Tosh - Legalize It
    "Tribal War" - John Holt
    "I Man Time" - I Roy
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