28 May 2010

So Much Trouble In The World

Forever addicted to guns, profits, oil and politrix.

Well, at least the World Cup will be a temporary distraction.

Better enjoy it. The World, I mean.

"Legalize Collie Herb/Legal Dub" - Black Slate - Rasta Festival [Alligator]

"Jerusalem" - Devon Irons - Life Goes In Circles [Pressure Sounds]
"So Much Trouble In The World" - Bob Marley & the Wailers - Survival [Tuff Gong]
"The Real Terrorist" - Steel Pulse - Rage And Fury [Mesa]
"People Funny Boy" - Lee Perry - The Trojan Story [Trojan]
"The Wicked" - the Reggae Boys [Joe Gibbs 45]
"The Way" - Augustus Pablo - Life Goes In Circles [Pressure Sounds]
"Armagideon Version" - Willie & the Brentford Rockers - Version Dread [Heartbeat]

"Africa" - Dub All Sense [MP3]
"Jah Mercy" - Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars - Rise & Shine [Cumbancha]
"Ghetto On Fire" - Jacob Miller - Life Goes In Circles [Pressure Sounds]
"Sala Keba" - Staff Benda Bilili - Tres Tres Fort [Crammed Discs]
"Hard Road To Travel" - Jimmy Cliff - Trojan Explosion [MOJO]
"The Love Of Jah" - Annette Brissette [MP3]
"Fire Version" - the New Establishment - Version Dread [Heartbeat]

"Police And Thieves" - Junior Murvin - Police And Thieves [Mango (vinyl)]
"What's Going Down" - Half Pint - Waterhouse Revisited [Hightone]
"Madness" - Prince Buster - FABulous Greatest Hits [Sequel]
"Bonnie & Clyde" - Papa Levi [Mango 12"]
"The Road Is Rough" -Leroy Smart - Life Goes In Circles [Pressure Sounds]
"Wild Goose Chase" - Steel Pulse - Earth Crisis[Rhino]
"Speak Softly Love" - Ken Boothe - Life Goes In Circles [Pressure Sounds]
"Upsetter Version" - the Upsetters - Explosive Rock Steady [Heartbeat]
"Ramble" - Rico - Countryman [Mango]

"Football Dub" - Dubchek - Down Memory Gap Lane [Unitone World]
"Ska All Over The World" - Jimmy Cliff - the Real Jamaica Ska [Epic]
"Fun Galore" - the Kingstonians [JJs 45]
"Things You Say You Love" - the Jamaicans - Duke Reid's Treasure Chest [Heartbeat]
"Boat To Progress" - Glen Brown [MP3]

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