22 June 2010


Much has been said in local news these past few days, regarding the fate of WTJU.

Hasty, incomplete edicts were handed down, earlier this week, eliminating much programming... though the Reggae Vibrations was to have survived, albeit on Tuesday nights, 8-10PM. During this evening's meeting of DJs, and also a surprise visit of the new General Manager, from whence these proposed changes came, it was revealed that a "moratorium" on change will be in effect for two months, though it seems clear that the University (of Virginia) wants to see a serious return on its investment... and that change will come.

Through all of this, the single most galling fact is that the listeners were completely ignored with regard to those changes. When I began as DJ for "Reggae Vibes", it was already into its twenty-third year of an ongoing thirty-one year run--on Friday afternoon, where it has always been.

More than once, those that appreciate the program have always told me that the show defines Friday afternoons in Charlottesville.

The listener's voices need to be heard. That's how this show, and this radio station, has earned its longevity, to begin with. If you are engaged in Reggae Vibrations, call the station (during regular business hours, 9AM-5PM) at (434) 924-0885, and ask for GM Burr Beard, email him at bb3vx@eservices.virginia.edu , or write WTJU Radio, PO Box 400811, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4811.

The consensus is that our dwindling revenue during pledge drives means that nobody is listening, and that change is necessary for the University to get more bang for its buck.

It's your turn. Let them know what you think... and what you believe in.

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