13 April 2009

2009 Folk/Rock Marathon Fund Raiser

From Friday, April 17th to Sunday, April 26th, WTJU/Charlottesville embarks upon its semi-annual solicitation of support from its listeners with ten days of special programming from the Folk and Rock dpeartments. A non-commercial station (accepting nor broadcasting commercials, in keeping with our philosophy of independence in content and quality), except for a minimal paid office staff, all announcers are volunteers bringing their depth of knowledge and love of music to their programs. no perks. rarely a ticket to a free show. It has to be love, right?

WTJU is only partly supported by the University of Virginia, therefore the remaining funds necessary to continue operation (electricity, transmitter, equipment, upgrades) come from the listeners during this time. And, aside from some amazingly inventive programming, "premiums" (specialized t-shirts, CDs, Gift certificates, etc.) are provided as "enticements" (though, sometimes worth more than the monetary pledge of support). it's almost crazy.

Even as varied as our weekly programming already is, this is when it gets really interesting. Our programming schedule for the Marathon can be downloaded , but there are offerings from Hawaiian to latin to African... from the Velvet Underground to the Beatles... gospel to Bob Dylan to Can to Bonnie "Prince" Billy. It's a sound riot, not to be missed. when employed, I'd take a vacation just to take it all in.

I'll be active, as well. this Friday (17th) from 2-4PM (easten/US) i'll be offering (taken from our program guide):

World 'A Reggae
The seeds sown from Bob Marley's legacy continue to sprout around the world. Our effort to support the Sound Choice in Central Virginia travels globally to witness reggae from the UK, Africa, Germany, Madagascar, Japan, Hawaii and all points in between.

this means Lucky Dube, the Mandators, Majek Fashek, Golgol Bordello, Bedouin Soundclash, Kreyol Syndicate and many others.

...and, on Friday, 24th, 2-4PM(eastern/US):

One Step Beyond: Prince Buster
boxer, self-promoter, and the man who created original Jamaican music with ska:
that's what he tells us--Goldfinger verifies. From his Soul Shack to pioneering experimentation with dub, Cecil Bustamante Campbell is still a force to be reckoned with... support WTJU's Spring Fund Drive, or he'll send "Al Capone" after you.

in keeping with the opportunities for our announcers to flex past their traditional shows, i also present on Thursday, 23rd, from 8-10AM:

Roy Orbison: Dark Star
From Wink, Texas to Sun Records, solo stardom to Traveling Wilbury, welcome to Goldfinger's contribution to the Spring Folk Fund Drive as we musically trace the theatrics, tragedies and triumphs of The Other Man In Black.

i told you it was "varied".

check out our program guide, enjoy music at its best... and pledge your support, if the spirit moves you.
it can be done, all online.

it's gonna Rock, Folks.

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