21 April 2009

Friday, May 24th, Prince Buster, "The Voice Of The People"

on Friday comes the much-anticipated presentation of the genius of Prince Buster as part of our Rock Marathon Fund-Raiser.

Cecil Bustamante Campbell, AKA "Prince Buster" is an unsung innovator of music on the little Island of Jamaica, promoting homegrown stylings long before Clement "Coxsone" Dodd's supply of R&B records from America (for his soundsystems) slowed to a trickle. with his skills in the ring, he was chosen by Coxsone to "protect" his sound systems... recorded the almost-Nyabinghi rhythm of The Folkes Brothers, revolutionizing the syncopation of ska to come... created his own label... founded his own record store... embraced the muslim faith... and gifted the world with wildly popular music which resonated globally for decades. And, he's still with us. a man of many facets.

my favorite Prince Buster story involves a later tour of the UK, just as such bands as The Specials and Madness were busting out with covers of his tunes: once learned about by the Vespa/Lambretta mod-types, they would escort his tour bus to the venues. what a spectacle that must have been.

for two hours on Friday, we give the Prince of Blue Beat our own virtual motorcade to the airwaves.

from MOJO magazine, and The Specials' Jerry Dammers.

and, YouTube:

last week's Che impression?
slightly ahead of the curve.

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