28 August 2009

Remembering Katrina... from across the Gulf

Tagging along with the Jazz department, and giving credit where it is due: the Crescent city, New Orleans. Four years after Katrina, there are glimmers of hope, but much remains to be done.

Would Jamaican music be the same without those static-y broadcasts across the water in the 50s and 60s?

Perhaps not.

Two hours of storm-related and Second Line Skank...

...and a massive Big Up to our friends at WWOZ Radio (particularly WTJU alumni, Tom "Bartender" Morgan).

"Reggae Sound" - Linton Kwesi Johnson - Reggae Greats [Mango]
"Machete Strike" - Ten Foot Ganja Plant - Bush Rock [I-Town]

"Lightning Flash Weak Heart Drop" - Big Youth - Beyond The Frontline [Caroline]
"Tidal Wave" - Frankie Paul - Tidal Wave [Greensleeves]
"Weather Report" - the Tennors - Rock Steady Classics [Nighthawk]
"Wild Gilbert" - Lovindeer - Why Don't We All Just Have Sex? [TSOJ]
"Sproing-A-Dub" - Burning Babylon - Beat Beat Beat [SoundShack]
"Below The B-Line" - Burning Babylon - Beat Beat Beat

"Louisiana" - Taj Weekes - Deidem [Jatta]
"Rough Out There" - Noiseshaper - Rough Out There [Echo Beach]
"Sufferer" - Aggrolites - IV [Hellcat Records]
"Stab You Back" - Judah Eskender - The Builder [Tan Yah]
"Who Laughs Last" - El Tibby & the Stingers - MP3
"Storm Warning" - Lynn Tait & the Jets - Hole Me Tight [Trojan]
"Smoky Places" - Lynn Tait & the Jets

"Lee Dorsey" - Holy Cow - MP3
"You Never Miss Your Water" - Derrick Morgan - I Am The Ruler [Trojan]
...and Patsy

"Roscoe Gordon" - No More Doggin' - MP3
"Man To Man" - Kendrick Patrick - The Trojan Story [Trojan]
"Cry Tough" - Alton Ellis - Duke Reid's Treasure Chest [Heartbeat]
"Pressure And Slide" - Lynn Tait & the Jets
"Long Story" - Lynn Tait & the Jets

"I Can't Keep It To Myself" - Cool Riddims & Sistah Teedy - Pledge To My People [NYNO]
"Fixing A Hole" - Max Romeo - Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band [Easy Star]
"Still Waters" - Jerry Jones - Studio One Soul [Soul Jazz]
"Follow Into Shadow" - John Brown's Body - Pressure Points [Easy Star]
"Doule Clutchin'/Pass The Dutchie" - Chris Ardoin & Double Clutchin' - Zydeco [Putumayo]

"One Day" - Matisyahu - Light [Epic]
"Home, Home, Home" - Ken Boothe - Mr. Rock Steady [Studio One]

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