14 August 2009

USA Reggae Rock

In the past decade (or more), legions of USA-based reggae bands arose... particularly, thanks to the contact that the internet provided. John Brown's Body is one of the pioneers. Check the playlist, and the podcast: you may agree.

Labelmates Ten Foot Ganja Plant are pretty amazing, too. Their newest, Bush Rock, displays sounds like authentic Augustus Pablo and the Congos. And, who can't love a band named "Ten Foot Ganja Plant"?

"S-90 Skank" - Big Youth - Tougher Than Tough [Mango]
"Z-90" - Trinity - Shanty Town Determination [Blood and Fire]

"Speak Of The Devil" - John Brown's Body - Amplify [Easy Star]
"Push Some Air" - John Brown's Body - Re-Amplify [Easy Star]
"Do The Beng Beng" - Derick Morgan - The Trojan Story [Trojan]
"Feelin' Alright" - Aggrolites - IV [Hellcat]
"Intensified Festival '68" - Desmond Dekker - Rockin' Steady [Rhino]
"Soul Shakedown Party" - Bob Marley & the Wailers - Songs Of Freedom [Island]
"Cool & Collect" - Ten Foot Ganja Plant - Bush Rock [I-Town]

"Vanity" - John Brown's Body - All Time [I-Town]
"Love Is A Fire" - John Brown's Body - Among Them [Shanachie]
"Bush Rock" - Ten Foot Ganja Plant - Bush Rock [I-Town]
"Head Shrinker" - Ten Foot Ganja Plant - Bush Rock [I-Town]

"Joy In The Morning" - Dennis Brown - My Your Food Basket Never Empty [RAS]
"Queen Majesty" - Techniques - Tougher Than Tough [Mango]
"Machete Strike" - Ten Foot Ganja Plant - Bush Rock [I-Town]

"What We Gonna Do?" - John Brown's Body - Pressure Points [Easy Star]
"Tribal War" - George Nooks - MP3
"Throw Some Water In" - Lee "Scratch" Perry - Roast Fish Collie Weed and Cornbread [Lion Of Judah]
"Larger Than Life" - Tarrus Riley - Challenges [VP]
"Storm Warning" - Lynn Taitt & The Jets - Hold Me Tight [Trojan]

"Conquering Heart Dub" - John Brown's Body - Re-Amplify [Easy Star]
"Follow Into Shadow" - John Brown's Body - Pressure Points [Easy Star]
"Give Yourself Over" - John Brown's Body - Amplify [Easy Star]
"Rainbow Country" - Bob Marley - Roots, Rock, Re-mixed [Tuff Gong]

Yes. Really. Elvis Aron Presley. Lurking deep in my iTunes, there was no credit for this masterpiece.
At first, it seemed like it would be a "novelty" song... but it almost sounds "reverential".
"Crying In The Chapel" - Elvis/Wailers - MP3 mashup
"Selassie Is The Chapel" - Bob Marley - The Complete Wailers 67-72 [JAD]


ReggaeVibrations_WTJU said...

Your Selector: I had to do some digging around, online, to try and trace the origin of the Elvis/Wailers mix... and came up with this:


How I wound up with it, I haven't a clue.

David Ginsburg said...

Hey man,

Just a quick note to let you know that my company, The Hector Fund (www.thehectorfund.com) is working with John Brown's Body to raise 50K in Artistfunding to offset the costs of their upcoming UK/New Zealand tour.
In exchange for their donation, fans receive exclusive access and perks, everything from exclusive remixes to permanent guest-list status, a weekend on the tour bus with JBB, studio time with the band, and much more. All the details are available here: http://www.thehectorfund.com/about/john-browns-body/

Thank you!
David Ginsburg
The Hector Fund

Anonymous said...

Wicked Big Youth at Reggae Brittania....caught the dread DJ at his best! photo by Pogus Ceser