09 April 2010

Gang Of Four... 2010 Spring Fund-Raiser

Not reggae, today... but the message is in there.

Poverty. Unemployment. Societal Collapse.

It makes music like this come out.

With a Big, BIG bass sound.

JUST like reggae.

"Call Me Up" - Gang Of Four - Songs Of The Free [Warner Bros.]

"To Hell With Poverty" - Another Day/Another Dollar
"Paralyzed" - Solid Gold
"He'd Send In The Army" - Solid Gold
"I Love A Man In A Uniform" - Songs Of The Free

"What We All Want" - Another Day/Another Dollar
"It's Her Factory" - 4-track EP
"Cheeseburger" - Another Day/Another Dollar

"Capital (It Fails Us Now)" - Another Day/Another Dollar
"Not Great Men" - Entertainment!
"Anthrax" - 4-track EP

"We Live As We Dream Alone" - Songs Of The Free
"Natural's Not In It" - Entertainment!
"Armalite Rifle" - 4-track EP
"Enemies Like This" - Radio Four - MP3

"Thank You (Falettin' Me Be Mice Elf Again)" - Magazine - The Correct Use Of Soap [Virgin]
"Damaged Goods" - Entertainment!
"Positive Tension" - Bloc Party - MP3
"House Of Jealous Lovers" - The Rapture - MP3

"At Home He's A Tourist" - Entertainment!
"Don't Fix What Ain't Broke" - Mall [WB]

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