16 April 2010

Jamaica's Soul Man: Fred "Toots" Hibbert

My protégé, the Master Mixer, mentioned that the Maytals had 31 bonafide hits in Jamaica... and, on a good two-hour radio day, you might get to squeeze in 25 songs.

Impossible to do... perhaps.

But, two hours of the Maytals is like a labour of love. We have the fund-drive supporters to prove it.

"Country Roads" {Island} - Toots & the Maytals - Funky Kingston
"Double Shot" {Trojan} - Beverly's All Stars - Trojan Singles Box Set

"Reggae Got Soul" {Island} - Reggae Got Soul
"Never Grow Old" {Heartbeat} - Never Grow Old
"Six And Seven Books Of Moses" {Heartbeat} - Never Grow Old
"Someone's Going To Bawl" {Rough Guide} - Rough Guide To Ska
"Smoke Screen" {Trojan} - Beverley's All Stars - Trojan Singles Box

"Broadway Jungle" {Rough Guide} - Rough Guide to Reggae
"54-46 (That Was My Number)" {Trojan} - 20 Reggae Classics
"Pain In My Belly" MP3
"Monkey Girl" {Mango} - King Kong Collection
"It Must Be True Love" {Trojan} - Trojan Lovers Box
"Three Little Birds" {Island} - Bob Marley & the Wailers - Songs Of Freedom

"Do The Reggay" {Trojan} - The Trojan Story
"Funky Kingston" {Island} - Funky Kingston
"Never You Change" {Island} - Reggae Got Soul
"Time Tough" {Island} - Funky Kingston [1973]
"Monkey Man" {Mango} - King Kong Collection
"Monkey Man" {Chrysalis} - the Specials
"Busy Bee" - Beverley's All Stars - Trojan Singles Box

"Never Get Weary" {Mango} - Knock Out
"Bam Bam" {Mango} - Countryman
"I've Got Dreams To Remember" {Mango} - Toots In Memphis
"Catfish John" {Pow Wow} - Fire On The Mountain
"Just Like That" {Mango} - Just Like That

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