27 August 2010

Katrina, Remembered... 5th Anniversary

Five years after the substandard levees broke... and it's still an unresolved disaster for many people who called it home. The opportunistic cockroaches who call themselves "politicians" and "public defenders" and "developers" are still scurrying when the light is shone on them... all after Bush 43 said that everything would be done to make the city whole again. Not on his watch, surely... and not even now.

We again recognize the influence and "necessity" of the city of New Orleans (and Lake Charles, victim to Hurricane Rita, weeks later)... to American and Jamaican life, music and culture, as well.

"Sounds And Pressure" - Hopeton Lewis - Roots Of Reggae: Rock Steady
"Your Teeth In My Neck" - Scientist - Scinetist Rids The World Of The Evil Of The Vampires

"Indian Red" - the Golden Eagles
"Ethiopian National Anthem" - The Ethiopians - Slave Call [ROHIT]

"Let's Have A Party" - Amos Milburn - MP3
"Phoenix City" - Roland Alphonso - Best Of The Rest Of SKA [Action Replay]
"No More Doggin'" - Roscoe Gordon - MP3
"Muriel" - Alton & Eddie - Oldies But Goodies [Studio One]
"Snake In The Grass" - Larry Marshall - 7"/45 [Tuneico]
"Let George Do It" - Don Drummond - Greatest Trombone Player [Jet Set]

"Rain, Rain" - Taj Weekes and Adowa - A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen [Jatta]
"Babylon System" - Cool Riddims and Sistah Teedy - Pledge To My People [NYNO]
"Survival" - Bob Marley & The Wailers - Survival [Island]
"African Zulu" - Lloyd Charmers & the Hippy Boys - Psychedelic Reggae [Studio One]

"Louisianna" - Taj Weekes and Adowa - Deidem [Jatta]
"Pledge To My People" - Cool Riddims and Sistah Teedy - Pledge To My People [NYNO]
"Good Things" - Culture - Good Things [RAS]
"Slippin' Into Darkness" - Carl Bradney - Darker Than Blue: Soul From Jamdown [Blood and Fire]
"No time To Lose" - Earth And Stone - The Reggae Train [Heartbeat]
"Reggae Is Tight" - Lloyd Charmers & the Hippy Boys - Psychedelic Reggae [Studio One]
"As-Salaam Alaikum" - Monsoon - MP3
"Road Is Rough" - Leroy Smart - Life Goes In Circles [Pressure Sounds]

"Waiting In Vain" - Terence Simien - Tribute Sessions [AIM]
"Stay In Or Stay Out" - Chris Ardoin & Double Clutchin' - Putumayo Presents Zydeco [Putumayo]

"Junco Partner" - the Clash - Sandinista [Epic]

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