03 August 2010

Live And Direct

OK... so I've had to work on Fridays to make rent for the past two weeks. Thank You, Congress. Thank You, too, corporate assholes, for putting me in this position.

However, I'll be making up for it on this Friday evening, opening up the festivities at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar in Charlottesville, gladly adopted by The Grits-N-Gravy Soul and Funk Revue.
About 45 minutes of ska, rocksteady, and whatever I find in my baggatrix. Be There.

Also... there's a new bit of progress at WTJU: finally, all of our programming is available for streaming, for two weeks after the show dates. Whatever your passion, whenever you want, wherever you are.

The Tape Vault!

I've probably said it, many times before: I love this radio station. It has something for everyone... and everything for someone. Now it's available, 24/7, globally.

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