14 February 2011

2011 Rock Marathon Fund-Raiser: SKA-Ra-Van!

Freeform, non-commercial radio is fast becoming a thing of the past... last summer, the volunteers at WTJU fought back against devastating changes to the station.
Even this past week, Conservative forces made their most recent push to de-fund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting... one of WTJU's main sources of operating capital. That means we rely upon You--the ones who love and crave new, innovative, un-homogenized, in-depth music broadcasting--to show your support with your contributions to your favorite music. That's how we know what you want to hear.

If you listen on our "traditional" 91.1FM signal, dial us up at (434) 924-3959.

If you listen, globally, you can show your support at the wtju.net website... and stream any and all of this remarkable music for two weeks.

And, thank you for all of your support and enthusiasm, throughout the year.

But one link in a chain of phenomenal programming to begin tomorrow morning (Monday, February 14th) to support non-commercial radio (and the cast of suspects that makes it thrive and survive), the "Reggae Vibrations" slot opens up two hours of the first wave of the sound of Jamaican independence, Ska.

Stirring up elements of jazz and native mento styles, Clement "Coxsone" Dodd, Prince Buster, Duke Reid (and future Prime Minister Edward Seaga?!) helped to forge a new music that filled the dancefloors for generations... and gave rise to rocksteady and reggae.

Individually and collectively, the Founding Fathers of Ska, the Skatalites and their rivals pound out the Sound of New Jamaica, presented by your hosts Goldfinger the Selector and DJ Hummingbird Feeder. Pledge Early... and Often, to the powerhouse of Community radio, WTJU/Charlottesville.

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